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The new co-living

Welcome to NOMO, a nomadic and modern way of living.
Discover a new style of hospitality that is modular, bespoke, flexible and experiences to the needs of the today's living. Never has a co-living felt this good, comfortable and just right for the young professionals around France and the world.
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Welcome home

In just of few clicks, move into a comfortable and fully-equipped private space that feel like home where modular and intuitive spaces will fit your every need.

Enjoy an all-inclusive stay with access to private work spaces, gym, projection room…

One big family

We are much more than a service, we are a family.
Always by your side, day after day, night after night, always on the move.

Offering you the space and time to organize and live your life. We design living, inspiring and friendly spaces that allow colivers and coworkers to connect in social spaces.
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A modern energy

NOMO is more than a place, it’s an action, a mindset that represents your values and drives a modern and more responsible way of living.

Because we care for our customers but also the world, everything is considered, from water to electricity consumption.
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opening end of 2023

Located Cours Saint-Louis at the heart of Bordeaux, NOMO will open its doors to the pulse of the Chartrons neighborhood where its bustling life will create an atmosphere like no other.
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NOMOs to come

NOMO is not just 1 place but a true vision that will open its doors all around France
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149 apartments


330 apartments

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360 apartments

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